Thursday, June 7, 2012

Foundation laying of Gateway of India

This was construction to commemorate the arrival of The King and Queen of England to India in 1911. They entered India through a temporary structure made at Apollo Bunder. Later on the Gateway was finished by 1927.

Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Byculla

This is one of the premier Engineering Institute of Mumbai. It was first started in Byculla in a buidling given by Petit. The new building in Matunga was later on constructed where it is currently located.

Taj Mahal Hotel, 1910

Taj Mahal Hotel. The structure which existed before Gateway of India was built can also be seen.

Null Bazaar, 1920

Null Bazaar Area in Bombay.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Army and Navy Store, Bombay

This was means for the Burra Sahibs and the cream of the society. The Christmas Catalogue was very famous and buying from here was a Prestige issue. The building is currently owned by the Tatas.

Afghan Memorial Church, bombay

Built by the British to commemorate the dead of the disastrous defeat in the First Afghan War of 1838. The church is located in Navy Nagar in the Colaba area of Mumbai (Bombay).

Church Gate Station, 1910

Church Gate Street station, Bombay in 1910-20. The station was names as the road leads to St. Thomas Cathedral. Church Gate was one of the main entrance to the Old Fort.

Enpire Theatre, Bombay

Empire Theatre was one of the earliest Theatres in Bombay. It is in Bori Bunder( Fort area )